Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear

A couple weeks back, Rick Sammon posted on his blog about a plug-in called Perfectly Clear. He also talked briefly about it during the workshop we attended. I finally got around to trying it out a little bit today.

Source image: JPEG, which has been edited slightly — cropped, straightened, and worked with my usual tweaks.
Same image, passed through Perfectly Clear. In this case, I pretty much took the default settings and clicked “save.”

In this case, the effect is subtle, as I’d already done a fair amount of work on the image. But, the already decent image got a lot snappier after a literally single-click adjustment.

Here are a few more I fooled around with at lunch today. Some worked really well.

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  1. […] in October of last year, I wrote a short article about a piece of software called Perfectly Clear, which is designed to enhance the detail and clarity of an image. The effects range from subtle to […]

    Friday, May 24, 2013

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