Photography Q&A Goes Out With a Bang

Zack Arias is closing out his Photography Q&A blog over on tumblr. It reached its goal of 1,500 questions, it seems. But Zack takes it out with a bang, offering some great advice as always, in this case, encouraging someone to get off their butt and get out there and just do it. The big takeaway:

You’ll never get anywhere sitting around being afraid.

He goes on to say:

If you wait until you are ready to get started… you’ll never start because you’ll never be ready.

The whole post is a great read — as is the whole blog.

Of course, Zack is not quitting. He’ll be launching a new project in a few weeks. You can sign up for the poop on that at I don’t know what it’s going to be, but from what I know of Zack, it’s going to be very cool.

By the way, the Photography Q&A blog is also available in book form, both as an e-book and in traditional paper.