Storm Front

Storm Front - Fujifilm X10, 1/90 sec, f/3.6, ISO400
Storm Front – Fujifilm X10, 1/90 sec, f/3.6, ISO400, JPEG from camera, Velvia emulation, retouch in Lightroom 5.3

I took the lead picture this afternoon while on my way home from Lewes, Delaware, where I attended an excellent event hosted by the Coastal Camera Club featuring Lewis Kemper. Within another couple of minutes, I was driving through blinding rain.

Lewis presented two excellent talks on making photographs, which included some great basic photography tips, tips on getting the best out of your camera, and also on RAW and HDR processing. I took two full pages of notes, something which I rarely do at events like these.

I was particularly impressed with his approach to HDR processing. His work uses HDR to enhance realism … to make the printed image look like what he saw, not an over-cooked cartoon. He also showed a really interesting technique for RAW processing that can make getting a great looking conversion quick and easy. The gist of the technique is that you do the conversion in B&W mode. Briefly, you open the RAW file in Lightroom, press the V key in the Develop module to toggle into black-and-white, adjust the image for the best result, and then use the V key to toggle back to color. The premise is that a good black and white will make a good color. I can’t wait to try it out of some of my own images.