Band Music

Recordings made while playing in various bands.

Power Project

My newest band, Power Project, with a great group of guys I met through the Bandmix web site. These are all recorded “in the wild,” at various gigs.

Any The Wiser

Some day, there may be something here…
(for now, listen to the music of The Honey Badgers — it’s most of the same folks, and we play a lot of the same songs, but ATW sounds even better!)

Stiffy Goat and the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badgers a.k.a. The Honey Badgers

This is a really cool band, made up mostly of old friends from high school, plus a couple of new friends, too. The lead vocalist in this group and I have been friends since somewhere around 1975, and we’ve known the guitarist since 1978! We met the bass player in around 1980. Back in those days, I was doing a lot more sound and recording than I was actually playing in bands -at that time, most of my performance was solo, playing classical and jazz piano. But, in April of 2011, we got together to make a band and make music together. After a few personnel changes, the band emerged as Any The Wiser.

What’s So Funny / I Fought the Law –

Walking the Dog –

Jumping Jack Flash –

Fire –

Twist and Shout –

Brandy –

Remember –

Gimme Three Steps –

Brown Eyed Girl –

Please Come Home for Christmas –

Wicked Sun

I answered a Craigslist ad for a keyboardist, and my friend Shane and I met Frank, Pat, Tom, and Ray. For the most part, we clicked right off, and we had a band. The band recorded these demo tracks in Ray’s studio. The band went on to play only one gig before things fell apart. A shame, it was a good band.

Love Removal Machine –

Born to be Wild –

Back Street Love –

Bad Company –

Young Lust –

No Matter What –


Kork was a great band that barely got out of the basement before our drummer, who was one of the best drummers and all-around musicians I’ve ever played with, moved to New Orleans. Unfortunately, I’ve lost any of the recordings of the band that I had.

Trademark Band / Eurasia

A long time ago (early ’90s), I was in a DC-area band called Trademark, which also had an originals component called Eurasia. This recording is from a demo session, and the entire thing was tracked by the drummer and myself, because, due to a miscommunication, we were the only ones who showed up at the studio to record. The studio was booked and paid for, so we figured we just as well get something done. Interestingly, on this track, the drummer played lead guitar and sang the lead vocal. I sequenced the drums, played a rhythm guitar part on keyboards, and sang the harmony vocals. To this day, Trademark still uses this as one of their demo recordings, and plays this arrangement of the song, despite the fact that the band leader was initially quite unhappy with the arrangement (hey, it was the best we could do with two-out-of-five band members present).

Pretty Woman –