Original Music

The music presented here was composed either by me, or by me with Rob Novak, under the name UgotaWanit. Some is good and some is not as good. Take it for what it is — highly experimental with varying degrees of “tech” applied…

Early solo and early UgotaWanit compositions:

EZJazz, by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.

I wrote EZJazz as a quick demo/practice piece. It was always intended to have a jazz/rock/fusion guitar solo. It was performed one time, with the band Danger Kitty, and the guitarist improvised a beautiful lead. Unfortunately, guitar tracks for this song were never recorded.

G-minor, by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.

From the original UgotaWanit sessions with Rob Novak. So called because it’s all built around a G-minor chord. Includes an impossible synth sax lead played on a cheesy toy Yamaha guitar-synth. Also features keyboard and bass sounds from my beloved VFXsd-II. Drums are from a Boss Dr550 driven by an Oberheim “Drummer.” I still use this one to demo new keyboards…

Untitled Musical Sketch (Piano and Strings), by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.

Untitled piece, played live start to finish. This idea simply hatched from the keyboard patch. What you hear here is the first it was ever played (including mistakes, as I was literally writing while playing), and there was no additional development of the song. Essentially, a “sketch” to be used for later song development.

Jazz’n’me, by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.

A simply horrible little piece, which I present here because it was the first thing I ever sequenced using MIDI gear – back around 1991. Why I’ve kept a recording of it for all these years is beyond me! At the time this was recorded, I had two keyboards (a Korg DS-8, and a Sequential Circuits Prophet 600), an 8-track hardware sequencer (Korg SQD-8), a borrowed Yamaha drum machine, a cheap Peavey mixer, and a Tascam 4-track porta-studio.

UgotaWanit – New Beginnings:

New Beginning, by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr. and Rob Novak

From the “second coming”  or “New Beginnings” sessions of UgotaWanit, with Rob Novak, this was the first song we wrote together after “reforming.” We re-started the project as an exploration of the advances in computer-based music production. All of the rest of the songs in this section are from the New Beginnings sessions.

Cut to the Quick, by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr. and Rob Novak

Deadspeak, by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr. and Rob Novak

UgotaDiggit, by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr. and Rob Novak

Confirmation, by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr. and Rob Novak


Post UgotaWanit “New Beginnings” Sessions

ConFusion #1

Composed and recorded by Geren W. Mortensen, Jr., in August of 2005.


  1. Chris Walter said:

    Hey Geren,

    I would like to license New Beginnings for use in presentations. Any thoughts on what you would arrange to charge me?



    Friday, February 15, 2013
    • Geren Geren said:

      I’ll have to talk to my co-conspirator about that, and see how he feels about it.

      Saturday, February 16, 2013
    • Geren Geren said:

      Chris, I discussed this with Rob. Our position is that we would allow the use of our material under a Creative Commons BY-NC license.

      Wednesday, February 27, 2013
  2. Chris Walter said:

    Geren, Thanks for your response. Per my reading, strict interpretation of BY-NC would prevent all comers from listening via iPod while mowing a lawn for hire.

    Thursday, March 7, 2013

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